Individual Coaching

One small shift can make a huge impact.

Salespeople are always on-the-go, traveling to-and-from client meetings. As a result, sales can be lonely and isolating. Don’t allow the disconnection to dominate your awareness and negatively impact your sales cycle.

Optimal performance requires constant calibration. Get the exact mindset support you need, when you need it.

What to Expect

Most, if not all, of my 1:1 clients, commit to a 10 session package. This length of time allows clients to relax into the coaching process and maximize the work we do together.

1:1 clients benefit from the FINEGAN METHOD in this manner:

  • Together we create a roadmap of where you want to go

  • You are the driver, I help you navigate

  • I guide you through processes in which we access your autobiographical and personal north star

  • We align business and sales objectives with personal power

  • You decide best course of action

  • I support you as you execute your personal power strategy

My coaching work does not happen in a vacuum. I work in a holistic framework confident that cognitive, emotional, relational, spiritual, or financial gains will influence and inform all other parts of one’s life. When clients achieve success in one area, there is an impact on other parts until equilibrium is achieved.

My coaching clients normally retain me for longer than industry averages. Let’s take a test drive to see if your needs and my expertise aligns.

At the end of our coaching, you will be able to :

  • • Articulate personal vision and unique ability
  • • Discover deepest values and passions
  • • Rise above office politics and sales drama
  • • Elevate and leverage self-awareness and personal responsibility
  • • Begin the path to life purpose

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