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Personal sovereignty informed sales coaching for pros who want to dominate their sales career. Developed for kick a$$ execs by one of their own.

The Finegan Method

Beth fortifies sales leaders with the mental tenacity required to produce results in highly pressured situations. From individual sales coaching to group workshops to the 30 Day Sales Surge Program, you’ll receive the exact support you need to elevate your sales performance.​


30 Day Sales Surge

On-demand coaching for on-the-go sales executives.

This habit-based 30-day program delivers sustainable and profitable activity content to your phone, daily.

30 Day Sales Surge is a culmination of my work as an executive coach and my years as an individual sales leader in financial services wholesale distribution.

It’s used by Fortune 100 Sales teams and individuals across the country to help drive sales productivity while increasing the quality of life.

You’ll learn to leverage your own self-awareness to drive your pipeline. You’ll be able to achieve and even exceed your goals while maintaining more peace and precision by tapping into a proactive mindset.

Create laser focus and produce consistent results with a program focused on helping you go from good to great or even great to world-class.

"It is the choice of where to direct his or her energy that makes the Master.”

 ― Robert Greene

My Story

I’ve been in the business world for over 20 years and worked as a top 5 national sales leader in the most difficult markets and with the most prestigious accounts.

In 2004, I began my own Executive Coaching business supporting Fortune 200 business executives and sales managers. I have extensive sales experience in the financial services and insurance industries. The path to my financial success began with my mastery over my cognitive stamina, emotional regulation, and intrapersonal power.

My experiences and achievement in sales and coaching have taught me three keys to success:

• To expand your business, you must cultivate your relationships

• The relationship we have with others is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves

• Know who you are and understand what drives you, it’s good for business

Are you ready to ignite your mindset and become your best self?

Lives transformed by the Finegan Method

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Sales Surge Podcast

Welcome to the Sales Surge podcast, a weekly podcast for sales professionals. 

Host Beth Finegan Reynolds connects with salespeople, sales managers, and business leaders to share their best strategies and tactics to increase sales productivity, navigate sales careers and increase the quality of life.

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Beth has coached thousands of salespeople at the world's largest institutions:

"30 Day Sales Surge helped me come back to center. It also helped me with cross-functional relationships."
"This was an experience of reflection and positivity. It helped me escape every day and spend time on my process. It helped me with bigger life goals."
"30 Day Sales Surge was a good reminder to take a step back and be more strategic on the mental side of my business. Visualizing my goals made them more concrete and made the entire process more realistic."

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