30 Day Sales Surge

A self-paced sales coaching course to help you achieve more sales, increased confidence, and a focused mindset while pushing through internal boundaries.

Yes! I am ready to invest 15 minutes/day over 30 days for custom coaching and affirmations to increase my sales!

Go from Good to Great


So you’re ready to level up your sales skills. Great! Whether you’re feeling worried that you don’t have a long enough track record to meet your quota or maybe life events are distracting you from your goals, the 30 Day Sales Surge program is here to help. 

Get back on track to ensure you’re in the top 10%, regardless of whether you’ve been in sales for decades or are just looking to expand your skillset to go from good to great, or even great to world-class. 

You’ve got this. 

Meet your coach

Hi, I’m Beth.

I spent years as an executive coach supporting Type A, master achievers in their B2B sales cycle. I was so successful that I was encouraged to take a role as an individual contributor and apply all of my theory to my own sales pipeline. My consultative selling theory was successful in the classroom and proved to be just as effective in the field. I quickly found myself at the top leader board.

Because of my high EQ, I had a head start on most of my peers and yet I still suffered from isolation, pressure to produce unrealistic results without error, and an unhealthy, spiraling mindset.

The extreme success that I encountered came at a very high price. The feeling of being a top producer was exhilarating…until it wasn’t.

Does my story sound like yours?

My success bred more internal pressure to win in toxic ways and the cumulative weight of delivering flawless sales execution emerged as a stronghold on my mental, emotional and physical wellness.
Something had to change.

This is why I created 30 Day Sales Surge. I want to help other saleswomen achieve more sales, increased confidence, a focused mindset while pushing internal boundaries.

What you'll gain

  • • Increased confidence
  • • Lower stress
  • • Support with meeting or exceeding sales targets
  • • Strengthened mental fortitude
  • • A mindset to win the day
Benefits of 30 Day Sales Surge
You can’t fully disclose what’s really going on to sales manager without “outing” yourself
Sales support that is private, self-paced and effective
Are you an isolated, lonely, type A, over-achieving, social sales exec looking for solutions?
A community of people who are interested in breaking through barriers, exceeding sales goals while bringing mindfulness to work
Do you feel a lack of control, feeling manipulated by clients, on an extreme rollercoaster?
Most if not all 30 Day Sales Surge users report a higher degree of peace, lower stress, and increased confidence.
Attend event-based learning sponsored by an employer that is ineffective and costs you time?
30 Day Sales Surge helps salespeople close the gap between knowing what needs to happen and actually doing it. Results oriented sales training with personal development.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur or other SME who needs to sell but selling is not your strong suit? Do the benefits outlined above sound like something you need to increase your confidence around your sales skills?

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Real 30 Day Sales Surge students share their experiences with the training and how it has benefitted their sales process.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The 30 Day Sales Surge is an online sales training program that supports sales professionals with automated sales coaching. The Finegan Method focuses on helping sales warriors align their own attitude, mindset and decision-making process with business goals.  Within the program, the participant will have the experience of two guided visualizations, daily sales lessons, and personalized audio affirmations to boost sales productivity.  The participants enjoy 30 days of sales coaching insight and structure to help drive business.

The Sales Surge officially starts on a Monday and will continue for 30 days.

The process is completely automated. After you purchase the 30DSS course, you will be getting an initial email to register, and then you’ll receive daily texts on your phone. It’s easy. It can be done on your phone, iPad, or desktop at any time.

  1. Participants receive an email invitation to log-in and register for the course from coach@fineganmethod.com
  2. Create an account and pick a time to receive daily texts (6:30 am est is the default)
  3. Complete a few “welcome questions”.
  4. Day 1 is officially Monday however we give users a few days to complete lesson #1.
  5. Monday, Day 1 lesson will take approximately 25 minutes, every other day will take 6-10 min.
  1. The user will receive a text each day containing a link to your course. The user picks the time to receive a daily text greeting.  Please add 386.222.6369 as 30 Day Sales Surge into contacts.  This is the number that daily text greeting will be coming. 
  2. Listen to the intro audio clip.
  3. Complete the exercise in the form of 2-3 online multiple-choice questions.
  4. Listen to a wrap-up audio clip. The entire process takes no more than 10 min except for Day 1 & Day 15 which are longer exercises. 
  5. Be sure to answer all questions as a custom audio file is created for you based on your answers.
  6. There is a companion workbook attached to your enrollment email. Please print to use along with the course.

At the end of the program, you will be focused, engaged and motivated. Many of our participants tend to go back and repeat the process. They love round 1 and get into the content even deeper on the 2nd pass. Completing the program a second time is completely up to you.  The course will remain open to you. The daily affirming mindset sales strategies seem to resonate with high achievers who are continually looking to get more proficient. You will be able to re-listen to the course and your customized audio affirmations (about 8-9 minutes long).

You can go back and finish the exercises that you’ve missed. In your account profile, you can also adjust and change the times of your daily greeting. You can go back and look at all previous content. On Saturday mornings, the entire weekend material will be unlocked. You can complete Monday lessons over the weekend if desired. 

Thank you. We are so excited for you to boost energy, excitement, and results in your sales!